Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting Started

The closing on the existing house looks like it will happen as scheduled. We found a rental house in Wales, and will start moving in over the weekend. This week and next we'll be concentrating on packing up our stuff and getting it moved.

At the same time, there are some details that have to be finalized. We met with Kerry Sutton to finalize plans. That's done (for now). I had the surveyor update the grading plan, and got it to the village engineer for approval. Once that happens, I'll be able to apply for ground disturbance and building permits (hopefully by late next week).

It took a bit longer than I hoped to get pre-approval on the loan so we could pick a bank to provide financing. All three banks have us pre-approved now. So we'll decide tonight which bank we'll be working with. If we get the process started tomorrow, we might be able to close by September 12, a week later than hoped, but still in time to get started on time.

Once that happens, and the ground disturbance permits are issued, we can have silt fences installed. After they are inspected (and after I get back from a trip to California in late September), we can actually break ground!

I worked last week to firm up the schedule and budget. Prices on a number of tasks/materials have gone down, but I also discovered things I missed in the budget. So we're still on track to hit our budget. I did go to the Kohler site, and learned that our budget for plumbing fixtures is high enough--even if we pay full list price for all the fixtures. Now I'll have to work on getting a discount so we can use the extra cash elsewhere. Only a couple of bids left to get: a fireplace bid, and a masonry bid. Both of those will have to be received before we get financing.

That's it for now.