Thursday, October 30, 2008

The house is getting taller

The house has grown in the last two days. Yesterday, the framers pretty much finished the first floor joists, making the house a whole 11 7/8 inches taller. So as of yesterday, the house was 12 3/8 inches tall:

and today, there was a bunch more activity. Both the framers and the concrete guys were there working:
The concrete guys did a great job pouring the garage slab:

And the framers finished sheathing the first floor, bringing the house's height up to 14 1/8 inches:

and even started on the first floor walls for the east side of the house:

So now the garage slab is finished:

And the basement has a floor above it:

Tomorrow, hopefully the electrician will show up to install the electrical panel and rough in the workshop, and the framers will continue making the house taller. Next week, we'll have our first electrical inspection, pour the front porch slab (the last winter-impossible task), and continue making the house taller. Maybe we'll even get electrical service.