Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A slight delay

...but it wasn't my fault. The excavator needs another day to finish up his current job. So we'll scrape topsoil on Thursday instead of Wednesday.  But they're able to dig the hole on the 26th instead of the 29th, so that more than makes up for it. 

I found out why the permit was delayed. The inspector wasn't happy with my heat loss calculations. I asked the HVAC contractor do re-do them. I did the original calculations myself. This time, I'll have somebody who knows what they're doing. According to the inspector, that's all I need to get the permit. 

Megan and I had an appointment with the local plumbing distributor to pick out fixtures. The quote from the plumbing contractor included "builder-grade" fixtures. We upgraded just about everything, but within reason. It looks like we'll even come in under budget on the plumbing fixtures. 

Megan, Zeke, and I went out to the lot this afternoon to plant survey flags on all the stakes. Most stakes were bent out of shape and many were missing. So I planted new flags (after crawling around on the ground to find some missing stakes).  And Zeke followed behind me to harvest them.  So I planted them again.